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Government Subsidy for Short-term Study Abroad Programmes 2018-19

Before Application

Before making the application, please refer to Government Subsidy page for details of the subsidy scheme(s).
Please kindly note that this application is for students participating in short-term study abroad programmes in Academic Year 2018-19. 
  • Application period:
    • October 15, 2018 - August 31, 2019
    • The application should be submitted within one month after completion of the short-term abroad programme
  • You should prepare the following documents to be uploaded through the online application.
    • UID copy, if you are in the final year of study in 2018/19
    • Latest SFAA approval letter from SFO in respect of the means-tested grants and loans applications (Sample of Approval Letter)
    • Admission confirmation from the host institution or programme organizer of the short-term study abroad programme
    • Transcript or certificate of completion as proof of completion of the programme
    • A sharing of around 200 words
    • 5-10 photos taking during the programme
  • Students can only apply for one scheme to support one study abroad programme, with reference to the programme eligibility. For students who are eligible for both SSE and SSEBR, you will receive the subsidy from SSEBR, while you can apply for the subsidy under SSE for future study abroad programmes.
  • The application will be processed on a rolling basis. You are suggested to submit the application within one month after completion of the short-term study abroad programme is completed. 
  • If approved, the subsidy amount will be disbursed within three months after your completion of the programme.